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  Q. How much are the grants?

  A. Typical grant size varies greatly depending on an organizations size, project and need. The

  general grant range is $1,000 to $20,000.


  Q. Can I contact someone if I have a question?

  A. After reviewing the information under the GRANTS tab and the frequently asked questions,

  feel free to contact us if you need assistance or are still unsure if your organization is eligible

  for funding.  Please do not fill out the application for funds until you are sure your

  organization is eligible.

  Q. Will you provide guidance on the application before I submit it?

  A. Please contact us if you would like feedback on a potential funding idea.


  Q. Can I submit multiple proposals?

  A. In general, we prefer one proposal per organization, per year. You may apply in

  consecutive years.


  Q. Is it possible to have multiple applicants on a proposal?

  A. Yes, collaboration is welcome. Applicants should elect one primary contact per team.


  Q. Do you have a preference for the types of grants you award?

  A. We support organizations whose main focus areas are free speech, peace,

  education, health and social justice.  We generally look for organizations

  that work on behalf of those who are at-risk or in-need.  We rely on each organization to let

  us know their greatest area of need and we provide general operating grants as needed.


  Q. Do you make multi-year grants?

  A. While not typical, a multi-year grant may be possible if it better fits the scope of the