helping open doors and open minds

Applications for new and returning organizations are reviewed twice a year.
Applications are due on April 30 or October 31.


  The Magic Pebble Foundation seeks to help create a world that is peaceful and enlightened. 

  We support a wide range of organizations working on a variety of causes.  In general, we
  look for organizations that work with low-income or at-risk populations.
The organizations
  we support fall into the following categories:

  • Free Speech
  • Peace
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Justice

  Please note that we do not fund programs for the arts, animals or the environment.

  Program examples:  public radio; human rights advocacy; gun control; efforts to end

  nuclear proliferation; early education for low-income children; preventative dental care for the

  under-insured; medical aid during natural disasters or armed conflict; employment services;

  legal services for the under-represented.

  Examples of people served:  homeless families; low-income adults or children; refugees

  and immigrants.

  Additionally, we look for programs that change lives through early intervention, advocacy or

  system-level changes.  We also support direct-service programs.




  Most of the organizations we support are located in Wisconsin (Statewide, Dane County or

  Madison). We also support a handful of national organizations and U.S.-based organizations

  with an international focus.


  To receive funding, your organization must meet the following eligibility requirements:


  • Organization has current tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organization is headquartered in the U.S.A.
  • Organization is located in Wisconsin and serving the people of Wisconsin.
    • Or is a national organization.
    • Or is a U.S. organization with an international focus.
  • Organization's main focus is free speech, peace, education, health, indigent populations, or social justice (we do not support organizations that impact these areas only as a by-product of their work).
  • We do not accept applications for religious purposes, political campaigns, lobbying, or for individuals.


  If you have questions about any of these eligibility requirements or are unsure if your

  organization is eligible, please contact us. Please do not fill out the application for funds until

  you are sure your organization is eligible.


  Applications are reviewed twice a year

  Applications are due on or before April 30 and October 31

  You will be notified within one week of receipt of your application.

  You will be notified of funding decisions within two months of the application due date.


  Depending on the amount of your grant, a report may be required. We try to keep reporting

  as manageable as possible. Reports generally include narrative accounts of accomplishments,

  obstacles, and future changes for your organization.



  We consider many aspects of an organization when reviewing its application. In general, we

  look for the following qualities when evaluating applications:


  • Alignment with the foundation’s areas of interest.
  • Valid need for the program.
  • The program works with indigent or at-risk populations, when applicable.
  • The program is superior to competing programs.
  • Previous program success, or likely success in the future.
  • Program accountability and sustainability.      



Applications for new and returning organizations are reviewed twice a year.
Applications are due on April 30 or October 31.


  For new grantees, please use the following applications:

  For grantees applying for up to $5,000, use our 2017 Streamlined Application.

  For grantees applying for more than $5,000*, use our 2017 Comprehensive Application.


  For returning grantees, please use the following applications:

  For return grantees applying for up to $5,000, use our 2017 Streamlined Return Application.

  For return grantees applying for more than $5,000*, use our 2017 Comprehensive Return Application.

  *Note:  If you have only used the Streamlined application in the past but would like to apply

  for a grant over $5,000 this year, please fill out a Comprehensive Application for Fundsand

  note on your application that you are a return grantee.

  If your application meets our grant criteria, you may be invited to provide further information

  through additional application questions, a phone interview and/or site visit.